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Thank you for choosing our method to get free in-game currency. This method is 100% legit and everyone can use it without breaking the rules.

      1. Go to Survey Junkie and create an account. You can sign up with your Facebook, Gmail account or with your email address, up to you. You will get about 200-250 points already on the first day within a few minutes by using this link and completing the first quick steps. SurveyJunkie
      2. Go to your email and confirm your registration.
      3. You can earn points (which is real money when you take your payment) by completing various surveys that are really easy and fun to do. They can reward you between 1$-10$ depending on survey. Can you imagine that?
      4. Use the points you earn on SurveyJunkie to get a free Google Play Store or iTunes Gift Card!
      5. Apply your gift card to your Google Play or iOS App store account to obtain resources without paying a dime!
      6. This is the only legitimate method of obtaining resources for free. SurveyJunkie is legit and you can obtain free gift cards in no time. It pays much higher amounts than other similar sites and is much easier to use. We highly recommend you to at least give it a shot. Signing up is free and takes about 2 minutes. You’ll be surprised how easy and quick it is to accumulate points. We’ve used the site ourselves to obtain many gift cards that were available instantly and so have many of our readers!


Client gamecubex
A screenshot of one of our visitors, who tried SurveyJunkie just for gaming resources and now does it for more serious purchases.

So, start earning real money, real points and exchange them to any paid content in ios, android devices or simply buying stuff on your own and don’t waste your time on fake hacks anymore.

SurveyJunkie has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot with 12,000+ reviews, so you can be sure that they’re legit!

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