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The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile Hack – Simoleons and SimCash Cheats

The Sims Mobile is a simulation game that will let you control your Sims and make them grow. You need to manage every small activity of your Sims like building houses, finding jobs, starting families, managing relationships, encouraging hobbies, etc. The game can be enjoyed on Android as well as iOS devices, so get ready for some fun-time!


There are different kinds of missions available in the game that will keep you busy throughout. Daily tasks have to be completed each day so that you can earn several in-game currencies and freebies like cupcakes, experience points, and special tokens. The tasks that you get each day will depend on your experience level. Missions are time-consuming tasks that can be completed whenever you are free as they do not have time limits. Events are another kind of missions that needs to be completed within an allotted time. These are available in the ‘missions’ section and often need items that you do not have and are required to buy by spending in-game currencies.

In-Game Currencies – Simoleons, SimCash, And Tickets:

Simoleons are the primary currency of The Sims Mobile game, which can be earned by completing various missions. There are several other ways to acquire Simoleons in the game like watching advertorial ads, reaching new levels, etc. However, you won’t be able to earn huge amounts by using these methods. This is the reason why players usually spend SimCash to buy Simoleons or use reliable hacking tools like The Sims Mobile Hack. You can make use of Simoleons to buy numerous stuffs for your Sims.

On the other hand, it is extremely tedious to earn SimCash in the game as it is the special currency. You will need SimCash for buying premium items like Simoleons, clothes, accessories, boosts, etc. for your Sims. It is advisable to use tools like The Sims Mobile Cheats that will generate unlimited SimCash instantly or spend real world money to buy them from the game store or Google Playstore. The choice is yours!

Tokens, Which Are Now Tickets:

You cannot purchase Tokens in the game and are only supposed to acquire it by working hard. Some of the ways to procure them are by completing tasks and reaching new levels. Tokens can be used in the game for buying special items like Booster Packs, which can boost numerous stats of your Sims. There are four types of Tokens; Career Token, Relationship Token, Hobby Token, and Party Token. Each of them can be earned in a different manner.

If you are using the previous version of the game then you will be still playing with Tokens. However, if you update the game with the latest version then your earned Tokens will be converted into Tickets. The usage of Tickets is the same, and the major differences are that you can now purchase them by spending SimCash and there are ten kinds of Tickets. So, the update is certainly going to make your game all the more interesting.

All in all, The Sims Mobile game will keep you occupied with various different tasks in form of quests or missions. However, ensure that you keep an eye on the energy level of your Sims as if they run out of energy then they will collapse. You can recharge energy by using cupcakes or tapping on the energy bar to check if there are any objects that will provide instant energy. Interesting, isn’t it? Start playing The Sims Mobile game right away and have an awesome time while managing your group of Sims.



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