Toon Blast Hack

Toon Blast Hack

Toon Blast Hack – Generate Coins Safely and Easily

Toon Blast is a puzzle game and designed with lots of impressive features. If we talk about the in-game success, then we need to clear different types of stages or levels. By completing these levels, we are able to get a good position on the leaderboard.





For holding the topmost position on the leaderboard, the players need to play the game properly. Accessing the Toon Blast cheats is beneficial in getting that how to perform activities in the game. Mainly these are some basic tips those are beneficial in understanding the game. Following are some.

  • Use boosters carefully

In the game, we can see some boosters. Mainly the use of boosters can create a specific effect on the board. Due to these effects, numerous tiles can be cleared from the board. There are different types of boosters available in the game.

We need to understand the importance of all and use them at the right time. We should not consider the boosters for completing easy or lower levels. It is the wastage of boosters.

  • Collect more lives

We need lives to participate in the game levels. At once all lives are finished then we are required to wait for the regeneration process. The process will consume around 2 hours for regenerating the lives and credit the account. There are some other ways available those we can consider gathering more lives such as –

  • Ask friends
  • Spend money

The players can send a request to in-game friends for getting additional lives. With it, the players can spend the real money in order to get lives.

  • Combine power-ups

The players are able to create different types of power-ups in the game. With the help of these power-ups, we can easily eliminate numerous tiles from the board. We should put lots of efforts into combining two different types of power-ups. This particular thing is highly beneficial in creating a great impact and boost up the effects.

  • Buy boosters

By spending a good amount of stars, the players are able to buy some boosters with ease. We need to do hard work for collecting stars easily. We can gather stars only by completing the in-game levels properly. The use of Toon Blast hack makes the currency collection much easier and provides lots of stars.

  • Create a big combination

Everyone should try to create bigger combinations that can be helpful in saving lots of time. For creating bigger combinations, we need to combine several blogs at a time. It can be possible by following a proper strategy and analyzing the complete board properly.

  • Consider team

In the game, the team factor is playing an important role. If we are the part of a team, then we can avail lots of benefits. These benefits are helpful in getting process properly and get entertained in several ways. When it comes to become a part of the team then there are two options appeared. Mainly these options are –

  • Creating own team
  • Joining the existing ones

It depends on the players that which one is suitable for them. The way of a team can help us in making some friends in the game and avail numerous interesting features.

  • Reach level 15 quickly

Some features of the game are locked with the achievements. For unlocking these features, we need to reach or complete specific levels first. Due to it, the players should try to rush their game account to level 15 as fast as possible. In this particular way, we are able to unlock the star chests. The star chests are rewarding the players with stars. We can get star chests by collecting at least 20 stars.

  • Consider power-ups

The game is featured with different types of helping items in the game. Mainly these items are considered as the power-ups. We can see disco ball and rocket power-ups in the game. The use of power-ups can help us in boosting the performance and completing objective quickly.



For getting success and clearing levels quickly, we should consider Toon Blast Hack. With these mentioned tips, the players should try to put required efforts. In case we do not put proper efforts then we need to waste lots of lives for completing a single level.

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14 thoughts on “Toon Blast Hack

  1. Toon blast is my favorite game. It is so addicting! It is challenging and fun. I loved the tournaments and I look forward to playing it every time I wake up. I wish I would have discovered this game a lot sooner! Download it now! You will not regret it.

  2. Toon blast has literally become my number one pastime! It’s hard to maintain enough money in the game though with having to adult (read: work) all the time. This hack will be a huge boost! Thanks so much to whomever is responsible!!!

  3. Toon blast is one of the funest games i have ever played… i have literally not been able to put it down since i have downloaded it.. me and my wife play side by side. Now its so much fun with this hack it works just perfectly!!

  4. I love playing this game so much with my team and friends. It is challenging to pass all difficult levels.
    Thank you.

  5. I love Toon Blast!! Playing with my daughter’s and friends is a lot of fun. I need more coins because I play this game A WHOLE LOT😁

    1. This game is absolutely amazing. Such a great stress reliever and it definitely helps expand the mind. Great for all ages ! Totally recommended

  6. I like this game. When I need a break from life I find it is easy to lose myself playing this game. Time just seems to fly by before I know it three hours has gone by. Even the ladies at bingo are playing this game for fun.

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  8. Toon blast is a pretty game. It’s a little addictive. I like the different challenge of some of the levels. It’s a good way to pass time when waiting for appointments and things

  9. Toon blast is a good game, very good for your free time, is interesting, for a brake, for entertainment, i like so much, and i recomend for everyone, is fantastic

  10. I’m on level 2438. This is a really fun game. I play this game every day, all day. This game helps me help me release my stress and anxiety. Thanks for looking at my comment

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