Toon Blast Hack

Toon Blast – Key Facts Related To The Game

Toon Blast is played by the individual of different age groups. The players can find the easiest way of getting success by following the Toon Blast cheats properly. With it, we can see several features in the game.

All types of features are helpful in making the game entertaining and add exciting facts. Use of features properly is highly beneficial in understanding the way of playing the game. Following are some features. 

  • Several levels
  • Team features
  • Live sharing system
  • Unlock the boosters
  • Numerous unique objectives
  • Time to time update with new episodes

These features are the biggest reasons by which many game lovers are considered its way. Another important thing is the in-game funds.

In-game resources

For getting success in the game, we need to perform different types of activities. Some basic activities are completely based on the use of in-game resources. There are three types of resources available in the game, and the following are some.

  • Lives
  • Coins
  • Boosters

All three are helpful in making things easier and have different importance in the game. With the help of boosters, we can complete difficult levels with ease. Lives are working as the source which can help us in getting an entry in the game levels. Coins are the in-game funds and used for lots of things.

Complete information about lives

Lives are crucial for playing the game. In case the players do not have lives then they are not able to try their luck in levels. We can get a maximum number of 5 lives at a time. In case all 5 lives are available in the account then no one can add more. Following are some ways that can help us in gathering lives easily.

  • Spend coins

We are able to take help from coins in order to add lives in the account. For such a task, we need to spend only 100 coins. By paying 100 coins, only the game account gets all 5 lives instantly. The coins can be earned by playing the game and achieving objectives properly.

  • Be a member of team

After reaching level 20, the players can unlock the team feature. The way of team feature is helpful in making the game simpler. The players are able to ask teammates for providing lives as the gift. In this particular way, we do not need to spend funds on getting lives and continue playing the game.

  • Consider star chest

Opening the star chest is helpful in getting lives quickly. Whenever we unlock a chest, then our account gets filled with a maximum number of lives.

  • Replenish system

In the game, a specific replenish system is working. Mainly this particular system is helpful in getting free lives. It will be activated with loss of lives and take a fixed time for regenerating the lives. The replenish system takes around 20 minutes for generating a live.

These are some ways those can assist us in the game for gathering lives when we want.

Facts about coins

Coins are the primary currency of the game. With the help of coins, we are able to unlock different types of in-game stuff. If we talk about its collection, then there are numerous sources available. The players can spend real money on buying the coins.

In case you do not want to spend real money and get coins quickly then the way of Toon Blast hack is useful. With it, if we help the friends by granting lives, then we can receive a coin as an appreciation reward.