WWE Supercards Hack

WWE Supercard Hack – A Complete Guide

WWE Supercard is specifically developed for smartphones such as – iOS & Android. In the game, we need to manage and control some cards. The cards are based on the WWE stars. Card stats are completely based on the stats of real players.

With it, the players need to make sure that they are playing the game properly. The way of WWE Supercard Cheats is highly beneficial in getting that how to play the game in a perfect manner. In the game, we can participate in different types of modes.

Types of modes

When it comes to get entertainment by playing the game, then modes are playing an important role. By participating in the different modes, the players are able to get lots of entertainment with ease. With the help of upcoming points, we can get information about the in-game modes.

  • King of the ring

“King of the Ring” mode is completely based on the simulation concept. For playing the matches in the game, the players are required to form a deck first for the matches. In the deck, we need to add different types of cards. Mainly these cards are –

  • 2 support cards
  • 2 divas cards
  • 8 superstar cards

For participating in the matches, the stamina is charged by the system. Mainly the system deducts 8 stamina points from the players’ account. In this particular mode, there are a total of 14 other players added at a time.

All are opposed to each other for winning the final match and collect a huge amount of in-game funds as the rewards. With the game updates and seasons, we can see some variations or changes in the mode and way of accessing it.

  • Wild mode

For participating in the matches of this particular mode, the players need to choose a specific number of cards. Mainly the selection arrangements are –

  • 2 divas cards
  • 2 support cards
  • 4 superstar cards

If we talk about the opponents, then we have the power to choose the opponents. The players are able to experience the matches of wild mode only inside the arena of NXT. With it, the players can see the logos of WWE in the complete venue inside as well as outside.

The team that will get victory should be awarded with a good amount of currency. Mainly there are three matches organized by the system. The player who wins the maximum ones they can be considered as the winner.

  • Ring domination

In the ring domination mode, the players need to focus on lots of things. At the beginning of the match, the players have 6 cards. In these six cards, there should be at least 2 support cards available. The match is organized between two cards only.

The cards are picked by the system randomly from the deck you chose. The player who wins the match can control the tile of defeated players. In this particular way, player who has a maximum number of tiles at the end of the match should be considered as the winner.

In this particular way, five bouts are organized by the system. Every bout is started after 15 minutes. It depends on our card selection and skills of the cards.

Final saying

Mentioned above are some examples of the in-game modes. The services of WWE Supercard Hack can help us in providing lots of funds. Use of in-game currency is helpful in unlocking the powerful cards and upgrades the existing ones. As a result, we can strengthen the card decks and increase the chances of victory in all types of modes.